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How to Use Dark Chocolate for Baking | Beginners Advice

At Tulip Chocolate we have several ranges of chocolate products that come in multiple forms, such as blocks, chips, sticks, fillings, syrups, drink mix powder and cocoa powder. In this blog post we are going to talk about how to use dark chocolate for baking. But before we do, it’s important to...

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The Ultimate Soft Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Soft chocolate chip cookies have been a recent craze in many countries. One of the first bakeries that started the trend is New York’s Levain Bakery in New York, who offers rich gooey chocolate cookies that are apparently to die for! In this article, we will show you how to make a similar soft...

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How to Make Moist Chocolate Cake

Having a moist texture is a must when it comes to baking chocolate cake layers. The enemy of moist cake is dry cake! Throughout this article, we will share with you 5 simple tips to achieve a moist chocolate cake that can make you stand out as the most delicious moist chocolate cake in town.

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Coffee & Milk Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Bored with the same old coffee and milk drink over and over again? In this video we take you through some unique ways to spark life into your coffee and milk drinks. Through the use of our Tulip 62 Dark Couverture Chocolate, we’ve uplifted the traditional coffee and milk drink. Making it fun and...

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How to Make The Perfect Chocolate Ganache Anytime & Every Time

Do you want to make delicious chocolate ganache, but don’t know where to start?

What is Chocolate Ganache?

Chocolate ganache is simply chocolate mixed with another fluid/liquid ingredient. More often than not, a chocolate ganache is made with cream, but it can also be substituted with milk,...

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Proper Chocolate Melting Techniques that Get You the Perfect Result Every Time

Ever faced chocolate melting problems such as lumpy chocolate? Or perhaps you keep burning your chocolate while melting? Do not worry! We will be covering methods that give you the perfect chocolate melting experience every time in any professional or home kitchen. At first glance, melting...

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3 Simple Chocolate Tempering Techniques That Can Be Carried Out in any Kitchen

Do you want to make your praline shinier? Or perhaps you want your chocolate bar to have that perfect snap when you bite into it? You will need two things:
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A Special Recipe for Delicious Chewy Brownie Cookies

As the name implies, this cookie is not just any other hard and stale cookie.Besides being delicious, Chewy Brownie Cookies have a soft inviting texture on the outside, and an enticing chewy sensation once bitten.

What's more, you only need two products from Tulip, which are the Tulip 62 Dark...

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5 Benefits of Using Compound Chocolate for Your Foodservice Business

Have you ever heard about compound chocolate and that it could be a great addition to your HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant and Café) business? Or perhaps you are a home baker that wants to work with chocolate that is easy to handle and also delicious? Well, compound chocolate may be the answer.

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