How To Pipe Chocolate Ganache The Right Way

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Do you know how to pipe chocolate ganache in the right way? If you don’t, Tulip Chocolate has the answer to share with you, a little trick to pipe chocolate ganache using some techniques that you might want to try.

Through this article, Tulip Chocolate will teach you how to pipe chocolate ganache properly. We also give you a good chocolate ganache recipe and some Tulip Chocolate products recommendations for additional information.

How to Pipe Chocolate Ganache Properly?

There are 3 techniques of piping chocolate ganache that you might want to use for the cake. With these techniques, you can make your desired creations and even other variations of the cake.

Before we go to the piping technique, you will need to transfer the chocolate ganache into a piping bag first. Make sure the chocolate ganache fills every space of the piping bag to the tip. You can also use different types of tips to create different shape variations of chocolate ganache.

To pipe the chocolate ganache, you can try these 3 techniques:

  • Basic Technique: The basic one, you only need to put some chocolate ganache on top of the cake. After that, use the offset spatula to spread the chocolate ganache neatly.
  • Circular Technique: For cupcakes or muffins, you can use the circular technique. All you have to do is pipe the chocolate ganache in the shape of a circle to the way up. 
  • Popping Technique: The last technique you can use is the popping technique. You can pipe the chocolate ganache in one little push and do it repeatedly until it covers the whole cake surface or as much as you wish.

How to Make a Good Chocolate Ganache?

It is easy to make a good chocolate ganache. The first thing you have to do is prepare these ingredients:

As for the cooking process, you can follow these steps:

  1. Prepare a large bowl. Cut Tulip Dark Compound Chocolate into pieces and place it in the bowl.
  2. Place the heavy cream in a bowl and heat it at medium-high. Pour the heavy cream into the chocolate, then mix it together until the chocolate is melted completely and well combined.
  3. Let the chocolate ganache cool before you transfer it into the piping bag.

Is There Any Recommendation for Tulip Products?

Besides using Tulip Dark Compound Chocolate and melting it to form a ganache, we want to recommend to you one of our best products, Tulip Chocolate Coating. With the coating, you don’t need to go through the melting process and just mix it with heavy cream to get the ganache texture. 

That’s all the information we can give you about how to pipe chocolate ganache the right way. You can try those 3 techniques to create the chocolate ganache for your cakes.

For more product information, you can visit the Tulip Chocolate products section. We have several chocolate products from chocolate compound, chocolate couverture, chocolate filling, to chocolate decorations. You can find all the chocolate products you need there!

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