Here Are Some Chocolates Cake Decorating Ideas for You to Try

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There are some chocolate cake decorating ideas we are going to share. As you know, decorating is an important part of a cake to increase its visual appeal. Your customers will be pleasantly surprised and happy when they get a beautiful chocolate cake in front of them.

Through this article, you will find some chocolate cake decorating ideas. Also, Tulip Chocolate will share some product recommendations you can use for decorating.

7 Chocolate Cake Decorating Ideas

Tulip Chocolate has prepared 7 chocolate cake decorating ideas you can try:

1. Confetti Birthday Cake

Confetti birthday cake is one of the easiest concepts for your decorating ideas. All you need to do is sprinkle some Tulip Multi-Colored Chocolate Rice on top of the cake. You can layer the cake with chocolate ganache first before you start decorating. 


2. Unicorn Theme Cake

Unicorns have become popular for the past few years. Many cake shops started to sell unicorn themed cakes and it attracted more customers to order the cake. For the chocolate cake, you can make a brown unicorn with some gold highlights for the eyes, mouth, and other details. As for the horn, you can use an ice cream cone on top of the cake.


3. Winter Theme Cake

Winter is the best season of the year! As a cake shop owner, you might need a lot of ideas to make a winter wonderland theme cake. We suggest you make the whole chocolate cake white to represent snow and decorate it with some ornaments. To make this winter theme cake, you can use Tulip White Compound Chocolate for the coating and Tulip White Decor Compound Chocolate for the decorating.


4. Fresh Berry-Choco Cake

Berries and chocolate will always go along in our mouths. You can decorate the chocolate cake using raspberries, blueberries, or strawberries. You can also add some mint leaves to freshen up the chocolate cake.
Fresh Berry-Choco Cake 

5. Chocolate Bear Cake

Cute cake always wins customers’ hearts. One example of cute cakes you might want to try is the chocolate bear cake. Use chocolate ganache and store it in a piping bag, then put it all around the bear-shaped cake. For the chocolate ganache, you can use Tulip Chocolate Coating and mix it with heavy cream to get the perfect ganache texture.

Chocolate Bear Cake

6. Halloween Theme Cake

Chocolate cake is the perfect cake to be decorated with Halloween decorations. You can get as creative as you want with what you want to make for the Halloween concept. You can use Tulip Dark Compound Chocolate Chips to create a Jack-o'-lantern with mouth and eyes along with orange coating base color.

Halloween Theme Cake

7. Log Choco Cake

The last chocolate cake decorating idea you can try is the log choco cake. This cake looks like a log and you can use Tulip Chocolate Coating. You need to learn how to do the lining to make it look like a real log.

Log Choco Cake
With all of the ideas above, you can try to create new cake decorations for your shop. If you need more chocolate materials for decorating your cake or any other purpose, check out the Tulip Chocolate products section and you can find what you need there.

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