Easy Ways to Make 7 Beautiful Chocolate Decorations

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Looking for a cute and adorable decoration idea for a cake? You are on the right website. Tulip has prepared interesting information on how to make chocolate decorations.

You can create some unique cake decorations using compound chocolate from Tulip. We have dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, and strawberry chocolate for you to decorate with.

Here we have a total of 7 decoration ideas that can help you increase the appeal of your creations, from chocolate butterflies, chocolate shaving, to chocolate fans. It's time to check out our recommendations! Let's have fun!

How to Make Chocolate Decorations

In total, there are seven decorating ideas using compound chocolate of your choice (dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, or strawberry chocolate) from Tulip that you can practice right away!

Chocolate Fan

The first chocolate decoration you can make is a chocolate fan. To make it, you need to melt the chocolate at 40 to 45°C. Then cool it down to 34°C.

Next, pour the melted chocolate onto a marble board. After it's solidified, you can use a metal scraper to make a chocolate fan. Make it in a size that is not too big so that it can be placed on top of your cake.

Chocolate Cigarettes

Have you ever seen chocolate in the form of cigarettes? Well, you can also make your own. Melt the chocolate like the first method. Then pour the melted chocolate onto the marble board.

For this technique, you'll need to shape the melted chocolate into a square. Next, scrape the chocolate with one smooth motion to essentially curl the chocolate into a cylinder, making it look like cigarettes.

Chocolate Shaving

To make chocolate shaving, you don't need to melt it first. Place the chocolate vertically, and you can just shave the chocolate thinly using a spatula. Now the shaving chocolate is finished.

Chocolate Shaving Roll

The chocolate shaving roll has a flower-like shape that is actually quite easy to make. You just need to scrape the chocolate using a Parisian scoop to make spirals. Easy, right?

Chocolate Net

Making a chocolate net requires melted chocolate. You can put it on baking paper that has been cut into squares. Next, rake the chocolate with a metal comb.

Wait until dry, then cut using a heated cutter shaped as desired. Afterwards, remove it from the initial mold. Now you have the chocolate net decoration.

Chocolate Butterfly

To make a chocolate butterfly, first of all you’ll need to create the wings pattern using a print-out line drawing of a butterfly. You can mix melted chocolate with food dye in any color you want. In this example, we’re using purple. When it is completely mixed, pipe dyed chocolate following the butterfly wings pattern on the wax paper. Repeat the process until you trace all the butterfly patterns. Wait for it to dry. Combine all the parts together to form a beautiful butterfly.

Petal Ribbon

To create a petal ribbon chocolate decoration, pour melted Tulip chocolate compound onto a layer of square plastic. Cut with a circular cutter when hardened. Repeat the process to make the ribbon. When it's hard, cut it and make a ribbon shape.

Of these seven ways, which one do you find the most interesting? You can check out all the detailed decorations in this video. To get the best quality, you can use chocolate products from Tulip to get a delightful cake. Also, you can find other recipes on our blog!

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