How to Make a Chocolate Frosting for Cakes Using Tulip Products

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Contrary to popular belief, people do judge a book by its cover. And so do they when they look at a cake. The look and design of your cake are often the first selling point when a customer comes into your shop. And having a top-notch chocolate frosting will ensure the best “paint” to work with on your canvas. 

The frosting needs to have the right consistency, and its texture should be soft but stiff enough to make a curled shape. To get the right consistency, Tulip has some tips and product recommendations you can use. 

How To Make Chocolate Frosting for Cake

Tulip has several options to make that perfect frosting to top off your cakes. Here are 3 ways to make the best chocolate frosting using Tulip products:

1 . Using Tulip Chocolate Cream

Tulip Chocolate Cream is usually used for chocolate ganache. But make no mistake, it's one of the best and easiest products to use as chocolate frosting. It's ready to be used, so you can immediately use it without a lot of preparation.

You can just simply heat it and apply this frosting to your cake. You can put Tulip Chocolate Cream into a piping bag to make lovely shapes using a variety of piping tips. Or you can use a spatula to spread this frosting to every side of the cake. Later, you can also add a thin layer of powdered sugar and cocoa powder as a simple way to make the cake look more appetizing. Alternatively, you can also add sprinkles or other decorations to it.

2. Using Tulip 62 Dark Couverture Chocolate

Do you want to get a rich premium taste for your chocolate frosting? Then, we would like to recommend using Tulip premium product: Tulip 62 Dark Couverture Chocolate. This dark couverture chocolate is made from the finest cocoa beans that have 62% cocoa solids with cocoa butter. You can easily melt this dark couverture chocolate because it is coin-shaped. To use it as a cake frosting, you should turn the chocolate couverture into some delicious chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Frosting Recipe

This easy-to-make recipe will tell you how to make a delicious chocolate ganache, which you can use as chocolate frosting and decoration for your cakes.

First, you need to melt the Tulip 62 Dark Couverture Chocolate. You can melt it in the microwave or use the bain-marie technique (double boiler). Make sure to keep stirring until the chocolate melts completely. After it melted completely, add some heavy cream or heavy whipping cream and mix until well combined. Additionally, you can also stir in vanilla extract and powdered sugar for extra flavor and sweetness. That’s it! Your chocolate ganache is ready to be used for chocolate frosting.

3. Using Tulip Chocolate Compound Block Products

You can also use compound chocolate blocks the way you would couverture chocolate. By turning your compound chocolate blocks into chocolate ganache, you can easily make some delicious chocolate frosting that looks as beautiful as it is delicious!

We have several types of chocolate compound block products with a variety of flavors you can choose from. We have dark, milk, white, and strawberry compound chocolate block products. Compound chocolate is easier to melt than couverture because it contains vegetable oil and cocoa, unlike couverture that contains full cocoa.

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That's all the information we can give you about how to make chocolate frosting for your cake. Visit Tulip products page to find more chocolate products you can use for your cake and bakery shop. We have a large selection of chocolate products, starting from chocolate bars, chocolate powder, chocolate truffle, chocolate filling, to cake decorations such as chocolate rice and chocolate chips. Also, visit Tulip’s blog to find more recipes and cake ideas for your cake and bakery shop. 

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