Our Brand

Tulip Chocolate is our flagship brand under PT Freyabadi Indotama. We have more than 25 years of chocolate manufacturing experience and have provided solutions and chocolate products that satisfy our clients and consumer demands in the Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa region.

We have supplied products to more than 8000 companies from various industries, ranging from HoReCa, bakery and pastry, home baker and baking supply store all the way to the snack and beverage industry.

With the vision of creating quality chocolate directly from the best plantations, Tulip Chocolate presents various types of chocolate that are suitable for use in an industrial kitchen setting, cafes, restaurants and even home kitchens. Starting from the premium series which are the Couverture Series, Compound Series, Baker Series all the way to the Master Series, our variants are ready to complement all your chocolate and budget needs in your kitchen.

Reinforced by a modern and sophisticated processing system, experienced experts, and a competent R&D center, we guarantee the best quality for every Tulip Chocolate product. To complement this, the constant innovations from the professional chefs behind the Tulip Chocolate kitchen will also help you create the highest quality chocolate creations of your dreams.




Producing Great Chocolate

As a brand that uses agricultural products as its staple, at Tulip Chocolate we procure the highest quality products that are fairly sourced to produce the best chocolate possible.


Quality Assurance & Product Safety

Our factories are armed with various food certifications and awarded several safety standards in order to ensure that Tulip Chocolate to delivering the highest quality chocolate products. Tulip Chocolate has passed various production safety procedures that covers processing raw materials, religious certifications to packaging processes.


Latest Innovations in Chocolate Manufacturing

By relying on modern technology and over 25 years of experience, Tulip Chocolate aims to be a solution to our clients’ food needs, with a focus on chocolate. We aim to help our clients create chocolate creations with the best quality and taste


Environmental Health

Tulip Chocolate always strives to reduce the burden on the world's environmental health through our sustainable business activities. We look to prioritizing the value of safety, health and product quality.

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Tulip Chocolate products are available in stores, and online in several locations around the world. See our Distribution Page to find  the nearest store to your location.