Why Does Chocolate Melt So Easily?

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Our team at Tulip Chocolate is often asked, why does chocolate melt so easily? Most probably because people find their chocolate melt in their hands after a few moments, even at room temperature.

So Why Does Chocolate Melt so Easily?

Simply put, chocolate is mostly made of fat, which comes in the form of cocoa butter. This is the fat that naturally comes from the cacao beans. Cocoa butter is the one that gives you that rich texture as the chocolate melts in your mouth. The higher the cocoa butter content in chocolate, the easier you can melt it.

Not All Chocolate Melt That Easily

Yes you read it right. Not all types of chocolate can melt fast. There is a type of chocolate that needs to go through the tempering process; it’s when you melt the chocolate gradually, while keeping the temperature limit to maintain the chocolate quality. This chocolate is called couverture chocolate. While the one that melts easily is called compound chocolate.

Compound chocolate has a high content of cocoa butter, thus making it easy to melt and easier to use. Compound chocolate is widely used to make chocolate ganache, spread, filling, and coating.

To melt the chocolate, you can use the double boiler technique or with a microwave. Compound chocolate also comes in various choices; dark compound chocolate, milk compound chocolate, and white compound chocolate; giving more options for bakers and chefs.

Couverture chocolate, on the other hand, has more cocoa powder than cocoa butter, which makes it harder to melt. Unlike compound chocolate, couverture chocolate needs to go through the tempering process in order to melt.

The tempering process itself needs to be done to avoid the chocolate from blooming – a condition where the fat goes up to the surface and ruins the quality of the chocolate. Tempering the couverture chocolate takes time, and you need to maintain the temperature to not go beyond 90oF/32oC using the double boiler.

Couverture chocolate is commonly used to make chocolate truffles and chocolate pralines.

Where to Get Them?

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