What is the difference between couverture and compound chocolate?

Couverture Compound
  • Use cocoa butter and cocoa mass,
  • Needs tempering process,
  • Often higher price,
  • Nicer mouthfeel.
  • Use vegetable fat and cocoa powder,
  • Does not require tempering,
  • Often more affordable,
  • Some compounds can be flexible.

Are Tulip products safe to be consumed by breastfeeding women?

All our Tulip products use ingredients which are safe for human consumption, and uphold the highest quality standards. Yet, we recommend pregnant, and lactating women to consult with their doctor before consuming our products.

Are your products Halal certified?

Yes, in our factory and warehouses we only use and process Halal certified ingredients and finished products.

Are your products Kosher certified?

Some of our products are Kosher certified, to find our which of our products are Kosher certified, please contact our consultants

Are there any risks in consuming chocolate?

Dogs are allergic to chocolate, if a dog consumes chocolate, take it to the veterinary immediately. 

Are your products gluten-free?

Yes, all Tulip products are gluten-free.

Do your products contain palm oil? Is it bad for the environment?

Some of our compounds and fillings contain palm oil, however, the palm oil we use is certified sustainable by our suppliers under the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification. In fact, palm oil produces the highest yield of oil per hectare compared to other vegetable oils, reducing the amount of land used in the production of vegetable oils.

For more information on palm oil efficiency, please click here. For further information on the RSPO, click here.

Do your products contain tree nuts?

All of our Tulip products are manufactured in a factory that does not process tree nuts.

Do your products contain trans-fats?

No, none of our Tulip products contain trans or partially hydrogenated fats. For more information about our product, visit our knowledge base page here 

Do you sell cocoa beans or cocoa derivatives?

We do not sell cocoa beans or cocoa derivatives, except for cocoa powder under our Tulip line, for more information please visit our powder page.


How do we properly store chocolate before and after opened?

There are several ways to store chocolate:

  • For soft and solid chocolate, store in a cool room that has a stable temperature between 18-22 degrees Celcius. For melted chocolate, store between 18-26 degrees Celcius.
  • Chocolate can absorb flavors and aromas from other food products, so for chocolate that has been opened from its packaging, store in a tightly sealed container in a dry and dark place.

Why does couverture sometimes contain white spots on the surface?

White spots on the chocolate indicates that chocolate has experienced sugar or fat bloom, which is a condition where the chocolate has been exposed to warm temperatures, which causes the fat in chocolate to soften. When the fat melts, it separates from the other ingredients in the chocolate and rises to the surface. Once it re-solidifies it leaves a white marks, which is referred to as fat bloom.

What is tempering and why does couverture have to undergo a tempering process?

Tempering is required anytime couverture contains cocoa butter, like couverture chocolate. It is the process of using heat releasing beta crystals in couverture, giving it its shine and snap when broken. Additionally, it also reduced the risk of fat bloom. Tempering is only ever carried out on couverture chocolate, while compound chocolate does not require any tempering.

What is meant by fat content in chocolate?

Fat content is the amount of cocoa butter in couverture chocolate and vegetable fat in compound chocolate. Tulip Chocolate does not use animal fat in any of our products.

Can couverture chocolate that has been previously melted, be used again?

Yes, you can re-temper previously melted couverture chocolate.

Why is it sometimes difficult to remove chocolate from the chocolate moulds when creating pralines and truffles?

To overcome this problem it is necessary to properly temper your couverture chocolate.

How do you melt compound chocolate?

To melt the chocolate coins, simply put the desired amount of chocolate in a bowl and microwave at 30 second intervals. Mix with a spoon after each interval until it has completely melted.

To melt the chocolate blocks, use a knife to cut the desired amount and chop into smaller 1 centimeter chunks and microwave for 30 second intervals and stirring each time to spread the head evenly until completely melted. You can re-melt any left over compound chocolate up to 7 times.


I am interested in distributing Tulip products, what should I do?

Please check our distributor network in here. If the product is currently not distributed in those areas, please get in touch with one of our Tulip consultants by clicking here

In which countries and cities can I buy Tulip products?

Please check our distributor network in here to see where to buy Tulip products based on the country you’re in.