Making Your Own Brownie: Tips And Tricks

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Who doesn’t love this chocolate cake? Yes, we are talking about a brownie, with its decadent and delicious chocolate taste that is universally loved. Moreover, many sellers add assorted toppings to to uplift their version of the brownie. For example, chocolate syrup, raisins, choco chips, or cheese. No need to get it from any store, you can easily make it yourself at home for your own family or for your business, following these 7 brownie tips and tricks! 

Choose premium ingredients. First of all brownie tips and tricks, you must choose the best quality ingredients like flour, chocolate powder, milk, and egg. This will ensure you get the delicious taste and perfect texture. 

The trick when mixing chocolate into the batter. Mixing hot chocolate into a batter will make the egg stringy. Wait until the chocolate gets lukewarm, so the egg in the batter does not cook and make the brownie hard. 

Don’t add too much additional ingredients. Nuts, choco chips, dried fruit, and other addition can make a brownie tastes better. But add too much of them and it  will deflate the batter and make the cake hard.

Tips to make a soft textured brownie. The best brownie has a soft texture and is not too dense like sponge cake. A professional chef said that to achieve the best brownie texture, we need to use a 1:1 ratio of baking powder and baking soda. So, for 1 kg flour, you need 10 grams of each baking powder and baking soda. That ratio will give you a soft and not too bitter brownie.

Choose a fitting-sized baking tray. One thing you need to pay close attention to is the ideal baking tray to bake the brownie. This determines the ideal thickness of your brownie. Use a regular-sized baking tray of 20–23cm. If you use a bigger tray, you will get a thinner brownie, while a smaller tray will make a thicker brownie.

Line your tray. Before using your tray, you better line your tray with liquid butter. You can also line it with baking paper and lightly dust it with flour. In that case, you can prevent your brownie from sticking on the tray and make it easier to take it out and serve the well-baked brownie. 

Options to make your brownie. There are two options to make your brownie. The first one is to steam it. Boil your water first, then lower the heat before putting your brownie batter into the steamer. If you choose to bake it, you should also preheat your oven on low heat. To ensure you get a well-cooked brownie, turn the tray regularly. To check if the brownie is well-cooked, stick a toothpick into the cake. If only a little bit of the cake sticks on the toothpick, you’ve got the correct texture. 

Making your brownie at home is easy and affordable. With some of the above brownie tips and tricks, your homemade brownie can taste just as tasty as the ones sold in bakeries. Even better, you can personalize it with your preference of topping or additional ingredients from Tulip Chocolate to get that tasty creamy chocolate flavor. Wait no more, find your chocolate solution from our wide selection of chocolate products!

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