7 Fun Facts About Chocolate

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Considering yourself a chocolate addict or chocolate expert? Or perhaps you are running a food business that revolves around chocolate? Then let’s go through some quick checks to see if you are familiar with these chocolate facts.

This article will share seven fun facts about chocolate that might surprise you. Check the information below!

 7 Fun Fact About Chocolate You Need to Know

These are the most common fun facts about chocolate you need to know:

  1. Chocolate Can Melt Easily

Most people are aware of how easy chocolate melts. But do you know what temperature is needed to melt chocolate?

In each recipe we share through our Tulip Chocolate blog, we always mention to set the temperature at low-medium or around 90oF/32oC if you want to use the double boiler to melt the chocolate. Don’t go higher than that, because it can destroy the quality of the chocolate.

  1. Chocolate Is A Fruit

Chocolate is produced from the cacao beans. These cacao beans are grown from a tree named Theobroma Cacao. The cacao tree will increase cacao bean pods like the other fruit trees. That’s why chocolate is a fruit type because of its tree.

  1. White Chocolate Is Not A Real Chocolate

Some people think that white chocolate is just another type of chocolate, similar to dark chocolate. The fact is, white chocolate isn't real chocolate. However, we call it ‘chocolate’ since it contains some cocoa butter. White chocolate doesn’t have cocoa powder, hence the white colour, unlike the usual chocolate. Real chocolate, on the other hand, contains cocoa butter and cocoa powder, which makes it brown in colour.

  1. The History of Milk Chocolate

The initial form of chocolate was dark chocolate until Daniel Peter invented milk chocolate and presented it to the public. He invented milk chocolate in Switzerland in 1875 and it became the first modern chocolate creation.

  1. Cacao Trees Lifespan Can Reach up to 200 Years

The cacao trees can live for 200 years! But interestingly, when planted in different areas, its lifespan changes. Cacao trees grown in tropical areas can only last up to 25 years.

Despite the different lifespan, one cacao tree can produce 2500 cacao beans in each season, which is equal to 2838 grams of chocolate. Mankind would probably never have to worry from shortage of chocolate with the large amount of cacao beans produced in each season.

  1. The Very First Chocolate Treat is Hot Cocoa

Do you think that the first chocolate treat is a cake? The fact is that the very first chocolate treat is hot cocoa. Hot cocoa became the royalty drink that not everyone could enjoy at that time, unlike now.

  1. Africa is The Largest Cocoa Supplier in The World

Last but not least, do you know that Africa is the largest cocoa supplier globally? Around 70% of cocoa beans in the entire world are supplied from Africa because their cocoa beans are good quality beans with muted flavour. 

Those are some fun facts on chocolate. If you have known them all, then you’re truly a chocolate addict.

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