Chocolate Mystery, Is White Chocolate Really Chocolate?

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It is still a mystery, is white chocolate really chocolate? Real chocolate has a brown color, so how can this type of chocolate have a white color? Is there any cocoa content in white chocolate?

To answer your curiosity, Tulip Chocolate will explain the mystery of white chocolate through this article. Also, we prepare some white chocolate products recommendations that you might need, especially if you are an owner of a cake or bakery shop. 

Is White Chocolate Really Chocolate?

If you think that white chocolate is not real chocolate, you are half right. Real chocolate contains cocoa solids, cocoa butter, and some products have sugar in them. Meanwhile, white chocolate only contains cocoa butter, but no cocoa solids. The white chocolate’s overall content is sugar, cocoa powder, milk, and vanilla.

The cocoa butter came from a long process where the cocoa beans need to be fermented and roasted first. After that, we can get a nib which can turn into chocolate liquor. This chocolate liquor will be separated into cocoa solids and cocoa powder. 

Cocoa solids are a part that is used to make real chocolate because it provides the flavor of chocolate. On the other hand, cocoa butter only provides the fat from cocoa and it is the one that is used for white chocolate. That’s why white chocolate is still a part of chocolate because it contains cocoa butter. 

White Chocolate Products Recommendation from Tulip Chocolate

If you are a cake or bakery shop owner, you might need white chocolate products for your menu. Here are some of Tulip Chocolate white chocolate products that we recommend you:

1. Tulip White Compound Chocolate

The first Tulip Chocolate product recommendation is Tulip White Compound Chocolate. This white chocolate can be used for any chocolate creation, from chocolate dipping, cake coating, to chocolate decorations. This chocolate can be melted easily so it’s easy to work with. You can use any technique to melt the chocolate

2. Tulip White Decor Compound

Tulip White Decor Compound is the best white chocolate we recommend for your decoration needs. This white chocolate has less viscosity which can help you to create thin coatings. You can use Tulip White Decor Compound for glazing, coating, and any other decorations you want to make.

3. Tulip White Compound Chocolate Coins

Do you sell any chocolate pralines in your shop? You might want to try the Tulip White Compound Chocolate Coins that can be easily used and melted. This product can be used as dipping chocolate for fruits, cake balls, and ice cream.

4. Tulip White Compound Chocolate Chips

The last recommendation of the white chocolate series from Tulip Chocolate is Tulip White Compound Chocolate Chips. This white chocolate chip is suitable for cupcake or muffin decorations. You can put this in any chocolate drink too as garnish or toppings.

Now, the mystery about white chocolate is answered! We know that white chocolate still contains cocoa butter which makes it a chocolate product. If you need any chocolate product for your business, Tulip Chocolate offers a large variety of chocolate products that can be used in cake and bakery production. Contact us now for more information or visit our products section to check out all the chocolate products we have.

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