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Tulip Chocolate, a leading name in premium chocolate products, is delighted to announce the launch of an exciting online course program tailored for home bakers and small business owners who have purchased Tulip products.

As part of our commitment to serving the needs of our valued customers, Tulip Chocolate has introduced a series of online courses, designed to inspire creativity and innovation in chocolate-based recipes. These courses are open to both existing Tulip Chocolate customers and newcomers alike, with the only entry requirement being the purchase of two official Tulip products.

Featured Online Courses:

  1. Level Up Your Baking With Tulip Choco Chips and Chunks: This course presents a collection of simple and intermediate recipes featuring Tulip Choco Chips and Chunks, exploring the unique benefits of each product.
  2. Level Up Your Baking with Tulip Chocolate Paste Products: Discover the versatility of Tulip Chocolate Paste Products, including filling paste, Hazel Delight, and Choco Cream, through a curated collection of delectable recipes.

Tulip Chocolate is committed to continuous learning, with plans to release 1-2 new courses every year, ensuring an ever-expanding repertoire of culinary knowledge for our community.

Key Benefits of the Tulip Online Baking Course:

  1. Learn at Your Own Pace: Access all lessons at your convenience, re-watch videos, and download complete recipes for a comprehensive learning experience.
  2. Watch Anywhere, Anytime: Enjoy the flexibility of watching course videos on your phone or laptop, with one year of access provided upon login. Renew access by purchasing another two Tulip products.
  3. Interactive Learning: Participants can engage with our chefs by leaving comments and questions beneath each video lesson, fostering an interactive and enriching educational experience.

How to Access the Tulip Online Baking Course:

  1. Purchase two official Tulip Products (Repacks not included).
  2. Take a photo of your payment receipt (both offline and online purchases are accepted).
  3. Fill out the form with valid details at bit.ly/tulipcourse.
  4. Choose your desired course:
  • Level Up Your Baking with Tulip Choco Chunks & Chips
  • Level Up Your Baking with Tulip Chocolate Paste Product
       5. Upload a clear photo of the payment receipt, displaying a purchase of at least two Tulip products (1kg or above).

For additional details and terms and conditions, please visit Tulip Chocolate Online Course. Embrace the art of chocolate-making with Tulip Chocolate and elevate your baking skills with our exclusive online courses!

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