How to Make Hot Chocolate Less Sweet

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The cold weather calls for a drink that warms your body. That's why hot chocolate is the best drink to give a comfortable feeling at home.

The problem with chocolate drinks is that many are too sweet. Instead of wanting to get a comfortable feeling from drinking hot chocolate, it actually makes your mouth feel uncomfortable because the taste is too sweet.

If you want to make warm chocolate that’s not too sweet, don't worry. We have the right recipe for you here. Let's check it now!

How to Make Delicious Homemade Hot Chocolate, but Less Sweet

Too much sweetness does bring an unpleasant sensation. Besides being unpleasant in the mouth, it is actually not good for your health if consumed in the long term.

For this reason, we have prepared the most suitable recipe for you to make yourself at home. Curious what the ingredients are?

1. Choose the Right Milk

Making hot chocolate that is not too sweet requires the right choice of milk. If you want to get a different sensation or if you want a dairy-free option, use unsweetened almond milk. Aside from almond milk, you can also choose soy or cashew milk. Whichever milk you wish to choose, make sure they're all unsweetened so your hot chocolate doesn't come out as sickeningly sweet and unpleasant.

2. Use Cocoa Powder

You can get a rich but not too sweet chocolate taste from cocoa powder. Tulip has a variety of powdered chocolate products that are suitable for you to use when you want to make hot chocolate. From the classic Tulip Bordeaux cocoa powder to the versatile Cioccolato drink mix, Tulip has plenty of cocoa powder products you can choose from. In fact, they can also be used for various food and beverages other than hot chocolate, from ice cream, cakes, to cookies. Head on to our product page to see what other possibilities await you.

3. Take Advantage of Maple Syrup

Say goodbye to the boring old sugar. If you want to get a different hot chocolate sensation, don't hesitate to use maple syrup. You only need to use a teaspoon of maple syrup to give your hot chocolate an exciting flavor without it getting too sweet.

4. Vanilla Extract For Richer Taste

Got vanilla extract in the kitchen? Add a tiny amount of it to your hot chocolate to add a lovely aroma, as well as enhance all the flavors in the drink.

5. Dare to Use Salt

It might sound weird to use salt for hot chocolate. But salt helps bring out the flavors and provides a unique experience as well. You don't need to be afraid that the drink will taste salty because you’ll only need to use a little. Just by adding a small pinch of salt, you can get the best hot chocolate ever!

6. Dark Chocolate Slices

What if it turns out that the taste of your drink is still not chocolatey enough? The solution is to include pieces of dark chocolate. You can use Bittersweet Couverture Chocolate from Tulip which has a classy and refined taste. Adding dark chocolate slices will not just make your drink less sweet, but it will also enhance your hot chocolate's quality, making it richer and more decadent!

How to Make Hot Chocolate

Now that you know how you can make a hot chocolate drink less sweet, are you ready to make one? This recipe will give you the best hot chocolate you've ever had in your life! So, make sure to pay attention!

Preparing Hot Chocolate Recipe

To make the best hot chocolate ever, all the ingredients you need are:

  • 240 grams unsweetened almond milk
  • 250 grams cocoa powder
  • 32 grams maple syrup
  • Tiny pinch of salt
  • 10 grams Tulip Dark Compound Chocolate
  • 1 gram pure vanilla extract

Hot Chocolate Instructions

After you prepare all the ingredients, the next step is to follow these instructions:

  1. Heat the milk, then add the cocoa powder, maple syrup, and salt. Mix them all together.
  2. Once completely mixed, add the vanilla and chunks of dark chocolate.
  3. Stir your drink until the dark chocolate pieces are melted and combined.
  4. Top your homemade hot chocolate with whipped cream, if you wish.
  5. Serve and enjoy your delicious homemade hot chocolate!

Isn't it easy to follow our hot chocolate recipe? To get the best quality, you can use chocolate products from Tulip such as compound chocolatecouverture chocolate, to chocolate powder for your food business to give your products superior taste.

Visit other recipes for our best chocolate dishes!

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