How to Stop Chocolate from Melting? Here Are 5 Hacks You Can Try!

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Do you find that your chocolate keeps melting? Messy to eat, sticky hands, and hard to handle, this just gets annoying. If you are out snacking on chocolate in a tropical country like Indonesia and the Philippines, it’s just natural that your chocolate melts more easily than the other time of the year.

So, how do you stop your chocolate from melting? Fret not, we have compiled some tips and tricks you can do to keep your chocolate in shape and prevent them from melting.

How to Stop Chocolate from Melting

Here are some ways Tulip Chocolate on how to keep your chocolate in its best shape.

Store Your Chocolate in a Dark Place

To maintain the shape of your chocolate, your first step is to keep it away from the sun and extreme heat. Light is an energy that radiates warmth, melting your chocolate faster. Keeping your chocolates in a cabinet or cupboard for storage would be best to keep them from melting.

Keep It Between 18- 24 Degrees Celsius

The ideal temperature range for couverture chocolate is a cooled room between 18-22 Degree Celsius. For compound chocolate, 18-24 Degree Celsius is the accepted temperature range.   In tropical countries, this may be a challenge and you’ll have to rely on air conditioning to keep the temperature stable.

Refrigerate Your Chocolate

You can also keep your chocolate in the fridge–but make sure to keep it away from foods that possess strong odors. You can do this by wrapping your chocolate with cling wrap and storing it in an air tight container.

Place Your Chocolate on Ice

You can place your chocolate bars or other chocolate ingredients in a sealed plastic bag and put them in the cooler over ice if you're going out. Storing your chocolates in a tight plastic bag will help prevent water from getting into the chocolatey goodness. The plastic wrap can also help to slow down the evaporation process in case your chocolate melts.

Other Tips

Keeping the chocolate well may also help prevent fat bloom and sugar bloom. Blooming happens when the fat in the chocolate separates as it gets too warm. This is characterized by white or greyish dusting and streaking on the surface of your chocolate.

Different brands of chocolates may have different melting points, but sticking to the rule of thumb of having a cool room between 18-24 Degrees Celsius should be a safe temperature range to store your compound and couverture chocolate products. 

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