5 Edible Cake Decorations

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Edible cake decorations are the best to increase the cake’s visual appeal. Some cake decorations can give a better taste and texture, not just the visual. Do you want to know what kind of edible cake decorations you can try for your business?

This article will get some ideas for edible cake decorations, especially for chocolate cake.  Feel free to copy these ideas for your business, or you can try to tweak them into new ideas!

Edible Cake Decorations Ideas with Chocolate

There are 5 edible chocolate cake decorating ideas you can try:  

Confetti Cake


The first idea is the confetti cake. You do know what confetti looks like, right? You can copy that concept into your cake. To make the confetti cake, you can decorate the cake with chocolate rice, the colorful one. Your cake will look bright, and it can give a crunchy texture to your cake. You can try Tulip Mixed Chocolate Rice, one of our most popular products in the F&B business.

 Winter Wonderland Cake

When the Christmas season comes, you can sell the winter wonderland cake. The primary color of this cake is white to represent snow. You can also use Tulip White Compound Chocolate for the decorations and turn it into any beautiful shapes on top of the cake.

You should know that white chocolate has a different flavor than milk or dark chocolate. It gives a sweet taste because of its sugar content.

Besides the winter wonderland cake, you can use white chocolate for many purposes. You can paint it to make the dishes look artsy. If you want to get a whole new color of chocolate, you can just simply add the food coloring to the melted white chocolate.


Spider Web Cake

Spider web cake is easy to decorate. Melt milk chocolate or dark chocolate and put it in the piping bag. Cut the tip of the piping bag and swirl it on top of the cake.

Your spider web cake will have a crunchy texture. For this cake, you can try to use Tulip 62 Dark Couverture Chocolate. The couverture chocolate can harden once the chocolate is getting cold.


Fruity Chocolate Cake

Fruits are the easiest ingredients to decorate your cake. No doubt, you can eat fruits even if it used as decorations! Just put any fruits you wish on top of the chocolate cake, and you will get the most delicious fruity chocolate cake ever.


Classic Chocolate Butter Cake

Butter is usually used as a decoration for birthday cakes. You can add melted chocolate into your butter to make it tastier, then use it for decorations. It’s the simplest cake, but people still adore it! You can boost your sales with classic chocolate butter cake.


So, which decorations cake do you want to try to make first? You can try to experiment with your dishes to get the best results! Just be creative with your cake decorations, and don’t be scared.

If you need more chocolate materials for your cake, just hit Tulip Chocolate now. We have many high-quality chocolate materials for you, and many F&B businesses order their chocolate materials from us. Contact us for more information.

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