Zero to Hero Baker Season 2: Bigger and Better

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(20 March 2023) At Tulip Chocolate we are excited to run our Zero to Hero Baker campaign again this year in 2023. Zero to Hero Baker is a marketing initiative that we launched back in 2022 to help bakers improve their baking, pastry and chocolate handling skills all from the comfort of their home kitchens. The campaign involved home bakers sharing some of their worst baking, cake and chocolate fails and mistakes on social media in both the Philippines and Indonesia.

Tulip Chocolate selected 10 home bakers (5 from Indonesia and 5 from the Philippines) for a 4-day online workshop from 9am-5pm, where each baker was trained on product knowledge, skills, methods and recipes, all geared towards helping them become a much improved baker and chocolate user. Each baker received a complete baking kit with an electric hand mixer, baking and chocolate handling tools and ingredients.

The results of our “Do-it-with-you” workshop was a fun, engaging and hands-on workshop that truly improved the skills of all the participants. View the recap of Zero to Hero Baker 2022 video below:


This year we are back with Zero to Hero Baker Season 2: Bigger and Better!

The mechanism to join this contest is the same as last year, simply post, tag us and use #zerotoherobaker2. 

But why is it Bigger and Better?


This year we are flying in 8 participants, 2 from each of the following countries:
  • The Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Myanmar

to Jakarta Indonesia! Where they will stay for 6 days and go through an intense 4-day workshop training to improve their chocolate and baking skills.

They will each receive a full baking kit to help them execute 5 recipes taught by our professional pastry chefs and chocolatiers at the Chocolate School by Tulip.

  • Whole Chocolate Tart with Chocolate Decorations
  • Macarons with Chocolate Filling
  • Travel Cake: Lemon basil and White Chocolate
  • Individual cake: Salted Caramel & Peanut
  • Whole cake: White Chocolate Red Fruit Charlotte

On top of that all flights and hotel accommodations will be paid for so that each participant can focus 100% on improving their chocolate handling and baking skills.

At Tulip Chocolate, we aim to provide as much value as we can to the participants. And for those who did not get selected for the workshop, we have a series of online courses that they can get access to for home learning at their own pace. More details to come about this on a later date.

Dates for contest submission: 3 April-12 May 2023
Date of workshop: 5-9 June 2023
Location: Chocolate School by Tulip Chocolate, Jakarta, Indonesia

Would you like to join this contest and submit your baking and chocolate mistakes? Click on the following button to read how to join!



Good luck to you home bakers!

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