How to Make Coloured Chocolate Shards That Don’t Melt

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Great in taste and rich in texture, you can also make your chocolate pleasing for the eyes. Colored chocolate would be a fun and aesthetic way to decorate your indulgent bakes. Find out how you can make colored chocolate shards that taste good, are easy to handle, and are pleasing to the eyes!

How to Make Colored Chocolate Shards from Chocolate Block

Chocolate shards are not only fun to make, but they’re also pretty easy to put together if you know what to do. Here are some tips you can use to make your colorful chocolate decorations:

Use Compound or Couverture Chocolate

To make colored chocolate shards, you can use Tulip Compound Series or Tulip Couverture Series. On paper, couverture chocolate may be better than compound chocolate. However, in some cases, compound chocolate can withstand higher temperatures which is good for tropical countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines, especially when the compound series has a compound chocolate that is specifically for decorations like Tulip White Decor Compound and Tulip Dark Decor Compound.

Use the Right Equipment

If you want to get the best-colored chocolate shards, you need to use the right equipment. To start, you will need either a tray that is large enough to let the chocolate set. You then need different tools to create different effects: for a marble effect, you need a skewer; for patterns and writings, you need a piping bag. Lastly, a large and sharp kitchen knife is necessary for cutting the chocolate neatly with precision.

Melt Slowly

To make colored chocolate shards, it is best to use white chocolate since it is easier to add color. However, before your start, take note that white chocolate has a different sensitivity to heat. It burns more quickly than dark and milk chocolate.

So, you need a little more patience and make sure that the heat is low enough to let the chocolate melt slowly. In melting chocolate, patience is definitely a virtue.

Use Food Coloring that is Chocolate-Friendly

Lastly, before dyeing your chocolate, make sure that you use chocolate-friendly food coloring. Otherwise, you risk ruining your melted chocolate as the dye cannot completely mix with the chocolate. Thus, it is important for you to check the food coloring you’re gonna use before adding them in.

Making colored chocolate is fun, and it may even help you to decorate your baked goods. For top-grade chocolates for your bakery, restaurant, or café, check out Tulip Chocolate’s products here. We provide the best-quality chocolate for all your baking needs from compounding chocolate, couverture chocolate, chocolate filling, all the way to chocolate decorations!

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