Proper Chocolate Melting Techniques that Get You the Perfect Result Every Time

Tulip Chocolate

Ever faced chocolate melting problems such as lumpy chocolate? Or perhaps you keep burning your chocolate while melting? Do not worry! We will be covering methods that give you the perfect chocolate melting experience every time in any professional or home kitchen.

At first glance, melting chocolate looks easy. But there are many common mistakes that happen that can be easily avoided.
If your require chocolate for dipping, coating and filling applications then you’ll need to pay close attention here.
There are two methods of melting chocolate that we recommend. The Bain-Marie technique and the microwave technique. Watch our video for the details.

Should you have any remaining questions, our in-house chefs are always ready to help answer them. So feel free to leave a comment either below this blog posts or in our comment section of our YouTube video.


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