Tulip Vermicelli Mix is a unique and special chocolate sprinkles product that is  made from compound chocolate and suitable to add as a decoration topping for your cupcakes, cakes or breads. Tulip Vermicelli Mix comes in several colors such as pastel pink, pastel green, pastel orange, pastel yellow, pastel red and a crème color. It doesn't only offer uniqueness but also eye-catching appearance to your creation. 

Can be used for:

  • Sprinkle on top of your cupcakes, muffins, ice cream, cakes and cookies

Suitable for:

  • Viennoiserie
  • Breads and donuts
  • Pound cake 
  • Chocolate praline
  • Ice Cream and Dessert


  • Sugar
  • Vegetable fat
  • Cocoa powder

Additional Information:

  • Weight: 5 kilogram
  • Pack: 2 x 5 kilogram per carton
  • Comes in the form of chocolate rice

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