LP 12 Weeks of Christmas

Christmas is near! To celebrate this special Tulip Chocolate presents "12 Weeks of Christmas" where you can get tons of joyful surprises! Join our mini games on Instagram and Facebook and 3 shopping vouchers EVERY WEEK!


How to Join

  • Follow @tulipchocolateasia on Instagram & Facebook account
  • Answer each question in the comment box using your own Instagram or Facebook page with this format: Answer @friend1 @friend2 @friend3 #12WeeksofChristmas

Terms & conditions:

  • Entry into the quiz is free
  • This contest is only eligible for citizens in Metro Manila, the Philippines
  • Each winner will be eligible for a Tulip Chocolate voucher of ₱300 that can be applied at Sysu Food Hub Official Ecommerce.
  • One participant is allowed to answer once.
  • 3 winners that have provided the right answer will be selected randomly by our team every week on Friday at 6 pm
  • Our team will contact every winner after they are announced through Instagram/Facebook direct message
  • The contest will end on 22 December 2023
  • The decision of the event shall be final and conclusive, with no room for further debate and or discussion



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