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Create Your Own Successful Story Of Baking From Zero to Hero

Tulip Chocolate presents Zero to Hero Baker, a special program that is dedicated to help amateur home bakers in the Philippines who are struggling to improve their baking and chocolate handling skills.

Tulip Chocolate will choose 5 amateur home bakers to be trained by our professional chef for 5 days through a "Do It With You" online workshop. A full baking kit with ingredients, tools and equipment will be provided by Tulip Chocolate for FREE!

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Lucky Winner Prizes


Free Baking Kit

Get a Full Baking Kit including Ingredients From Tulip Chocolate, tools and equipment delivered to your home


Free Private Course

Get Free 1 Week Private Course From Tulip Chocolate


Professional Training

Trained Directly by Professional Baker Chefs who are Experts in their Fields

How To Join Zero To Hero

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For More Information

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