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Who is Tulip Chocolate?

We provide dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate products. Our chocolate products can be used to make virtually any dessert, confectionery or sweet baked goods that you can imagine such as:
- Chocolate Filling for Cream Puffs
- Chocolate Almond Profiteroles
- Dark Chocolate for Cakes
- Chocolate Chips for Cookie Ingredients
- Couverture Chocolate for Desserts and Baking 
- Chocolate Syrups, Chocolate Pastes and Fillings for Breads and Ice Cream

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Tulip Chocolate is a brand that has over 2 decades of experience making compound and couverture chocolate products that are specifically designed for the foodservice business in the Philippines. We are trusted by over 10,000 foodservice HoReCa businesses in The Philippines and across the Asia Pacific region. 

Our Tulip Chocolate Product Range 

Couverture LP-1

Couverture Chocolate Series

Our couverture chocolate comes in the form of 62% dark chocolate couverture coins, a Bitter Sweet Chocolate Couverture block and a milk couverture chocolate truffle shell

Compound LP-1

Compound Chocolate Series

Tulip Chocolate has a wide variety of compound chocolate products to suit virtually any of your culinary creations, at a much more affordable price. 

Masterbaker LP (1)

Master Series Compound Chocolate & Fillings

The Master Series are 5kg chocolate block products for businesses and cooks who require larger amounts of chocolate blocks, fillings and decoration at a more affordable price.

Syrup & Powder LP-2

Cocoa Powder & Chocolate Syrup

Tulip has a range of three varieties of cocoa powders each with different flavor characteristics and fat content to suit your various baking, pastry and ice cream needs.

Cioccolato is a chocolate powder mix that is ready to drink by simply adding water. 

Sciroppi is a ready-to-use chocolate syrup that can be used as a topping and does not harden on ice cream and other cold desserts, staying soft and fluid.

toppings LP (1) (1) 2

Chocolate Toppings & Decoration

Our chocolate toppings and decorations will add a visual as well as tasty element to your desserts, bake and cake creations.

Benefits of Using Tulip Chocolate

Tulip Chocolate is more than just a "chocolate product" that you buy in-store. Our aim is to help foodservice professionals in the Philippines create delicious and beautiful creations for their bakeries, restaurants, hotels and cafes. We want our customers to be able to leverage our 25 years of experience that we have in the foodservice industry.

Benefits of using Tulip chocolate products and joining our community:

food-service-01 (1)

Food Service Trend Updates

We have regular online seminars (webinars) covering relevant trends for your HoReCa business, learn about innovative new customer trends and how to leverage online marketing to grow your foodservice business.

technical service-01 (1)-1

Technical Service

Leverage the expertise of our in-house pastry chefs through our social media, consultants, online Q&A sessions and upcoming webinars.

free consultation-01 (1)-1

Free Consultation

Our consultants can provide recommendations on the most suitable Tulip product for your cooking applications.

distribution-01 (1)

A Distribution System across Asia

We have a distribution system across Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Taiwan, Vietnam.

What Some of Our Customers are Saying

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About Tulip Chocolate

Tulip Chocolate is a chocolate brand under PT Freyabadi Indotama chocolate manufacturing company of 25 years and that has one of the largest capacity capabilities in Asia and that has state of the art machinery and processes to create consistent high quality chocolate products.

We work with direct suppliers of imported chocolate in the Philippines.  Tulip Chocolate is a brand that is the primary choice for chocolate in the foodservice HoReCa businesses that supplies chocolate products across Asia.

Standards & Certifications

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