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Plan Your Production and Profit in Better Way 

Our Recipe Cost Calculator Will Help You To Define Your Product Price.





Get The Right Selling Price On Your Bakery,
Pastry & Cafe Products?

Control Your Stocks Quantity

Build Your Products Based On Your Prices Per Stocks Quantity
7 Variasi Bentuk Puff Pastry yang Unik dan Lezat

Know Your Sales Price

 Get Your Estimated Sales Price Per Products Based On The Setting of Your Profit Margin

Define Your Product Cost

Forecast Your Product Cost Based On Your Ingredients & Packaging Prices
No Oven No Problem Homemade Steamed Chocolate Cake Recipe

Designed For Food Businesses

Tulip COGS Calculator Design To Calculate Your Food Products Price Accurately

Calculate Your Production Cost & Profit In A Better Way

Learn more about Tulip COGS Calculator In The Easiest Way

What Will You Get?


An Excel Sheet with a formulated recipe cost calculator


Step by Step tutorial on how to use the tool for your business needs


Real Life Example For Your Reference

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