Increase the Loyalty of Your Customers with Consistent Quality Chocolate

Improve your baker, pastry and confectionery products with our high-quality compound chocolate.

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Who is Tulip Chocolate?

We are a foodservice chocolate brand with a wide range of chocolate products ranging from 1kg-5kg blocks, filling/pastes, chocolate chips/chunks and cocoa powder. We currently have a distribution network in the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore.

Improve Your Food Service Business With Consistent Quality Chocolate


Our Products Don't Melt Easily

Our compound chocolate products are designed to withstand hot working environments. Additionally, they are easy to work with for both home bakers and professional chefs.


Premium Ingredients

We use high-quality ingredients to make chocolate products suitable for bakeries, restaurants, cafes, hotels, fast food companies and baking supply stores


Keep Updated on the Latest Trends

As a foodservice chocolate brand, we help our customers stay up-to-date on the latest recipe trends that you can make and sell for your business.

Our Chocolate Product Range

Hard Compound Series

Compound LP-1

Tulip Chocolate's hard compound product range consists of 1kg blocks, coins and bake-stable sticks that suit virtually any of your culinary creations with a good price.

Chocolate Fillings/Paste 


One of Tulip Chocolate's best selling products is the chocolate filling which can be used to fill any of your pastry, bread and confectionery products

Toppings & Inclusion

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Our chocolate toppings and inclusions consist of chocolate chips, chocolate chunks and chocolate rice/vermicelli, which will add a visual as well as tasty element to your desserts, bake and cake creations.

Master Series

Masterbaker LP (1)

The Master Series are 5kg chocolate block and paste products for businesses and cooks who require larger amounts of chocolate for their production needs at a more affordable price.


What our customers say

I have been working with Tulip Chocolate since 2015, it kept me loyal with its consistent high quality and exceptional taste throughout the years. Their chocolates are easy to use for my cakes and pastries, and my clients at The Tall Kitchen say it is quite delicious!

I have always used chocolate products from Tulip for a long time because their quality is consistent. In addition, to the character and performance of the products that matches and complements our Brilliant cake products. Tulip Chocolate also has a unique flavor profile

I have been using Tulip Chocolate since 2002 till today because I feel comfortable with the performance and characteristics of the products. Apart the product quality, the Tulip team has always provided ideas and educated about new ideas and educated about new trends so I can stay in my craft

Create Great Products with Great Chocolate!